About Our Foundation

I'm Making It Happen is more than a brand; it's a spirited community that spotlights and cheers individuals actively pursuing their passions, no matter their challenges.

We're here to inspire and encourage, fostering a supportive space where everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, can declare, I'm making it happen.


Meet Nykole Tyson, a dynamic Media and Community Advocate with deep roots in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. A Mass Communication graduate from William McDaniel College, Nykole's career spans corporate giants like Bank of America and T. Rowe Price, along with contributions to BET and acclaimed TV networks.

As a public service champion, she directed communications for a U.S. Virgin Islands senator, earning CDC recognition for effective public communication. Nykole later steered healthcare PR initiatives across the islands, garnering further acclaim from the CDC.

In 2011, she founded NT Media Productions, launching the globally acclaimed "I'm Making It Happen®" TV show. Nykole is not just a media entrepreneur but also a dedicated mentor, impacting students since 2009. Her commitment extends through The Make It Happen Foundation, Inc., aiming to uplift and empower young minds.

Nykole Tyson's life motto is: "Don’t wait for someone to discover you; discover your own self." Through her diverse journey, Nykole continues to inspire and make a lasting impact locally and globally.


The Make It Happen Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to empowering children and young adults through the provision of comprehensive training and valuable resources.

Our aim is not only to boost their self-esteem but also to provide essential life skills, cultivating the development of resilient, confident, and successful individuals who make meaningful contributions to society. Through specific programs and initiatives, our goal is to spark personal growth, instill a sense of purpose, and create a positive influence on the future of the upcoming generation.

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